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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Text: Matt8:5-11(KJV)

You must know who you are in God (your identity) for you to be able to exercise your God-given

– You are a child of God.
– You are joint heir with Christ. You are a co-heir with Christ.
– You share the authority of Christ. You function as a god.
– You are a sent one on the authority of God the Father to do what you have been sent to do.

You must also know your position in Christ.
If you don’t know who you are, you will still be under the elements of the world and be in bondage, You will walk in darkness and operate like a mere/an ordinary man.
Ps 82:5(KJV)
As a child of God, you are more than ordinary, you are extraordinary.
You were given the power by Christ and God expects you to exercise it well. Mark 16:17-18

You can speak to devils and they will obey. Your business is to lay hands on the sick and cast out the
devil. God does not give and take away. His calling is without repentance. An ambassador is usually
given everything he needs to function in a foreign land. Also, you have been given all that you need to
function effectively here on earth.
When you stand in that authority, the fullness of the authority will be released to you.

God wants you to use the authority to deliver the poor and the needy from the hands of the wicked and the bondage of darkness.
You need to begin to exert the influence of God everywhere you go, on your job, in your organization, in your family.

See yourself in the way God sees you. You are not a mere man! You should be in control. You are a
representative of God in your family, market place or business. Take authority over the atmosphere. Just exercise the authority and allow the
owner of the power to do the work!

The authority you have was given to you by Jesus. It is not yours. Make your presence felt by exercising
the authority of Christ that you have. Not in arrogance but in quietness and confidence

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