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God has a palliative package for His people. It is one that they will be happy with, not like the package

provided for the government or individuals that may be inadequate or insufficient.


Palliative means something temporary for you to bear up in a difficult period. In Medicine, it means

something provided to soothe you in the time of difficult pain. It does not bring a cure.


God’s palliative is much more than that. He has prepared it ahead of time because He sees the end from

the beginning and the beginning from the end. He knows ahead of the time the troubles that we will

face. He has prepared it so that we can go through them unscathed and ride on the storms of life that

may come our way


Ps 23:1-5


This COVID-19 is an enemy! God has prepared a package in the midst of this pandemic that has brought

many crises. E.g. recession, downturn of the economy., loss of job. You will not be scathed because God

has prepared something for you. This is the finest time for you to know God is still God over your life. He

is still with you and you don’t have to die or go under in this pandemic. The children of Israel asked if

God could furnish them a table in the wilderness.


Do you believe that God can furnish you with a table in the wilderness? YES, HE CAN!


Gen 21:14-19. God provided a well for Hagar and her child in the wilderness. God is never caught flat-

footed in whatever the devil does.


1 Kings 17:1-9. God commanded a widow woman to sustain Elijah in the time of famine. God is always



Jonah 1:15-17. A whale was prepared for Jonah to swallow him and deliver him to the shore of Nineveh.


God has prepared a package for you so that you will be well taken care of.


1 Cor 2:9. Because you belong to God and love Him, He has things prepared for you that no eye has seen

or ear heard.


God also provided a ram for the sacrifice that Abraham made instead of Isaac.


You will ride through these times victoriously because God has a package prepared for you and your

household. No eye has seen it; no ear has heard it……. You don’t have to be in lack. The package is not

dependent on the economy or the government.


Ps 68:9,10. God has prepared a package out of His goodness for you with your name on it.


Ps 23:5 MSG. “God has served a 6-course dinner for me right in front of my enemies….”


Don’t let your head drop anymore, lift up your head!


Ps 68:9,10 TPT. God has prepared abundance for you. You can experience the best of times right now!


God has things prepared for you, so you have to come to the table!


How do you partake in God’s provision?


  1. Isaiah 55:1-3 KJV, AMPC. “Come to the waters and drink……”


Incline your ear to God. Pay attention to God. Hear what God is saying to you now! Submit yourself to

God, His Word and His will. It is not about money about but listening to God.


  1. Eph 2:10. AMPC. We are God’s handiwork…….

God has prearranged good lives for us. There are pathways to walk on which are already prepared.

There is a way to partake in the palliative provided by God. Look out for the ways.

Jesus is the Way. To know the way, you have to listen for His voice and submit yourself to Him. It is about taking the pathways that have been prearranged for you by God specifically. Your own palliative has your name attached to it.


  1. You have to believe God. Have faith in God. Not in the government or your job. “I have been young,

now I am old, I have not seen the righteous forsaken……. You have to believe the Word of God and

confess it. Phil 4:19; John 10:10.

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