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TEXT: Matt 8:5-12, Luke 10:17-19

To understand your authority as a believer in Christ Jesus, you must understand who you are in Him. The Centurion knew who he was and he also knew who Jesus was, as one having authority. Until you have an understanding of your identity, the devil will continue to toss you to and fro.

When we gave our lives to Christ and believed in His Name, we became God’s children.

Rom 8:16. If we are children of God, we are also God’s heirs and joint-heirs with Christ.

The Jews got angry with Jesus when He declared that He was the Son of God. A Son will be like his Father. Jesus made Himself equal to God. As a child of God, you are a god! John 10:29-34.

Your identity:

  1. You are a child of God. 1 John 3
  2. You are a god.
  3. You are a joint heir with Christ. 2 Cor 5:17-21. What Jesus has now, you also have. You have the same authority that Jesus has. John 17.
  4. Everything in you now is of God.

You may not feel like it or look like it. Know for sure that, NOW, you are a child of God, and all authority is given to you in Christ Jesus.

Eph 1:19-21

God gave Jesus the highest honor and supreme authority. This is the authority that you have as a believer. God has put everything beneath the authority of Jesus.

The church is not the building but you and I make up the church. 1 Cor 12:27. We are members of the body of Christ. Thus we share in the body of Christ and You are Christ’s body.

It has nothing to do with anything in the physical but what Jesus has already done. Christ is the Leader and Source of everything needed by the Church. The Church is Christ’s Body here on earth. 1 Cor 12:27. The Body is not separate from the Head. You are Christ!

The Centurion knew his identity in the Roman army and the authority attached to it.

2 Cor 6: 14-16. You are the temple of the Living God.

You the believer are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, the light, the temple of God, a child of God, and Christ. Embrace who you are in Christ Jesus. When you know your identity, you can command the devil to leave!

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