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TEXT: Psalm 16: 8-11, Exodus 33:12-17

As Christians we are in a place where we can have the presence of God. We are in such a shape and a frame of mind that we can access the presence of God and the unction of God; and minister to people.


The word for ‘Presence’ in the scriptures means to be in the face of: literarily, it can be translated ‘the face of’. The dictionary define Presence as the fact or condition of being present. So when we talk about His Presence in reference to God we are talking about the actual person of God.

In His Presence, you find the paths of life (the way to go, where to take); there is rest in His presence, there is power in His Presence and it can be accessed by everyone who has accepted the gift of salvation.


The presence of God was what Adam and Eve enjoyed in the Garden of Eden. God brought His Presence back to man after they lost it in the garden because of their sin and trespass against God. Jesus brought it back and the first name Jesus was called means He will save people from their sins. But the people now called Him Emmanuel because they found that the presence of the Lord is back with man. Jesus came with the presence of God.


The Presence of God should not be limited to a goose bump feeling and it is for us to understand and walk in. We should live in the consciousness that we are not ordinary human beings. There is Someone on the inside of us and His Presence is what makes others to know that we are a special breed of people.


His Presence can be experienced in four dimensions: the presence of God In Us, With Us, Upon Us and For Us. Act 1:8; John 14:16,17


You can experience His Presence in varying degrees. We need to hunger for more of His Presence so that our Christianity will not be ordinary. His presence can also be taken advantaged of and your faith in His Presence becomes strong and; you become strengthened when you acknowledge Him and spend time worshipping. However, there is a limit of the glory of His presence that flesh can carry.


God’s desire is for His people to be a people of the Spirit and of the Word which is the perfect combination for a successful and victorious Christian experience in life. So, we should develop ourselves to be sensitive to the Spirit, to His Presence, to His touch and to Him.

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  1. Peju Posted on August 17, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Amen. God’s desire is for His people to be a people of the Word and the Spirit. This is my heart cry…

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