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“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.” Joel 2:25

“ … But David encouraged himself in the Lord…” 1 Samuel 30:7

It is required of you that for you to set yourself for restoration, you will need to encourage yourself in the Lord. This is because circumstances and situations would have happened that require that God brings you back to how things used to be and beyond there.

If you experience such situations as David’s and you are not careful, you lose hope, you forget that God is still God, that God is still alive, that God is not hindered or hampered by your circumstances – that is why you need to encourage yourself in the Lord.

In Acts 27: 20, Luke in writing that passage about Paul on the sea said ‘all hope that we should be saved was taken away’ he was referring to not just the hope of those in the ship but also referring to his own hope and the hope of Paul the apostle as well – that means the hope of everyone in the ship that they should be saved was taken away, it is like it departed from them and so everyone was now at a hopeless state. But the bible says Paul did something that David also did; everyone was discouraged, distressed but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.

For you to set yourself up for restoration, you have to encourage yourself in the Lord your God. Of Paul the bible says in Acts 27:22 ‘Paul after long abstinence came and stood forth in the midst of them’. Imagine, everybody is talking hopelessness, everybody’s face is depleting hopelessness but he removed himself from the midst of them, he separated himself to the place where he could look to God and look on God. The bible says after much time, he came back in the midst of them and he said ‘Brethren, be of good cheer’. In order words, he came back encouraged, strengthened and renewed in his faith and confidence towards God. He came back in their midst with that and he could tell the people to be of good cheer.

So, you need to encourage yourself, you need to strengthen yourself in God. You need to be strong in the Lord your God, you need to put yourself back, so to speak, where your confidence in God is renewed and refreshed, because if you are cast down or if you cannot express any hope or faith in God, you will even incapacitate God from being able to help you.

When you lost things and you have an opportunity presented to you to regain it, if you have not encouraged yourself in the Lord, you will say I do not have any strength to try anything more and you will give up. But that was not how the woman with the issue of blood was when she heard of Jesus. Even though she had spent all, she said to herself ‘if I may but touch’, in order words let me try this also, let me make attempt in this direction also. That is what being encouraged in God enables you to do.

Sometimes it is even not a matter of loss; when Moses died and Joshua was to take over, God said ‘be .of good courage’. He needed some encouragement and God by himself encouraged him and told him – Go ahead and step into this shoe.

Being encouraged in the Lord enables you to have that inner strength and inner resolve to take one more step, to sow one more seed, to go at it one more time because you strengthen yourself in Him.

You need to encourage yourself in the Lord so that you will have the strength to reach forth and to be set for the restoration that God has for You.

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