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There are two ways to prosper. The world’s way or Gods way. God’s way to prosper is through giving. Giving is not natural to man, so the fear of giving is hiding subconsciously in everyone. Until you are ready to face it, it will continue to hunt you.

God instructed us to give not primarily to get from us but to get things to us. Gen 15: 1 “After these things the word of God came unto Abram in a vision, saying “Fear not, Abram…..”. “Fear not” shows we are all fearful of giving. You must overcome the fear of giving at whatever level your fear is at.

How do you overcome the fear of giving?

  1. Recognize and acknowledge God as the owner of everything in your possession- everything that comes to you is owned by God. God owns your car, house, money, everything. Establish this in your heart.
  2. Acknowledge yourself as a steward of everything in your hands-this means you are only handling them or taking care of them for a season.
  3. Acknowledge God as your source-your source is not your job or the money in your hand. God is your source. Don’t set your heart on anything you possess. Your possession must not possess you. Anything you own that you cannot give away (car, clothes etc.) owns you. Your trust and confidence must not be on things.1 Tim. 6:17 “Charge them that are rich in this world not to be high minded nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy”.
  4. Realise that whatever you have in your hand right now is the maximum it can be; but the moment it is given out it becomes the minimum it can be. Having this mindset helps us to easily yield to the instruction of God.
  5. Give-The way to overcome the fear of giving is just to give. To give a double blow, give twice what comes into your heart. You can’t overcome the fear of giving without giving.
  6. Let the fear of God be greater than the fear of giving i.e. let the consequence of disobeying God super cede your fear of giving, for to disobey is like the sin of witchcraft.
  7. Develop your confidence in God-“….Fear not Abraham I am your shield and exceeding great reward…” Gen15:1. There is exceeding great reward in giving. God becomes your compensation, wages, salary, payback in an abundant manner. The blessing of giving is more than the blessing of receiving. You are supposed to say ‘I just got blessed’ why? “I just gave out something”
  8. The only reason you will be asked to give something is because you have it to give. God does not require you to give what you don’t have. Even pledges can only be redeemed when the money comes into your hands. If you have not been able to pay a pledge, it’s because you spent it when it came into your hands. So remove fear from giving. You are not asked to steal to give. Giving is only possible from what you have.

9. There is no loss in giving- Giving is not a loss. It’s an investment. It is sowing. A farmer who sows does not lose the seed. It has only left your hand, not your life, nor your generation. Everything you give comes back to you. Every seed sown is still working for you. There is no loss, no minus to your life. The life of a seed never dies. It’s eternal and continuous. Glory to God!

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