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Deut.8:18 “But thou shall remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth. That he may establish his covenant which he swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day”.
God loves us and out of his love desires our prosperity irrespective of who you are. God loves us to prosper. The question then is how he intends for us to accomplish this. There is Gods way and the world’s way. He says, this land of God is not like the land of Egypt where you toil, (Deut.11:10), but we are a land that the lord cares for. So we must listen and obey. We must know his way.
First we must hear his voice to know what to do in other to profit. Mt.6:33.”Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all this things shall be added unto you”. God says to seek his way of being right and all other things will be added unto you .He says, your heavenly father knoweth you have need of these things. God doesn’t expect us to seek after things like the Gentiles do. But to seek after God’s ways of doing things instead. The impression here is that these things (what to eat, drink and wear) will come and run after you.
What is God’s way of doing things? I am of the persuasion that if a child of God concerns himself with God’s way of doing things, the season for this blessing will surely come upon him/her. e.g. God says ..If you follow my inward witness, I will make you rich. Isaiah1: 19 says, If you are willing and obedient I will make you rich.
Luke12: 16“Jesus spake a parable about the ground of a certain rich man that brought forth plentifully and he began to store up. Probably you are not just to grab and store up. Jesus told the rich man “Sell all that you have and provide for yourself a treasure that fadeth not… (Math.19:21) for where your treasure is there your heart will be also, showing us God’s way of prospering financially. Give alms. The way God has designed you to prosper is that you’ve got to give. Giving is the ultimate of God’s way of prospering financially. By this you have provided for yourself treasures in heaven that cannot be corrupted. 1tim6:17“charge them that are rich in this world that they be not high minded, not to trust in uncertain riches” Men who actually ‘store up’ things they and their grand children will not use in a life time, to store up goods for many years until it spoils, clothes you will not use in five years until it spoils! You have a car in your house you have not ridden in one year? God does not want you to be high minded, arrogant, proud, and unreachable. That’s what God is against. God wants you to enjoy life. God is not against the rich man enjoying but as long as you are fighting God’s way of prospering financially, you will not be able to enjoy Gods best.
Mk 10:21 “Jesus looked on him, beholding him, loved him.” Sell that ye have and give out. Provide yourself bag that wax not old. How do you lay up treasure for yourself – GIVING. There is no running away from giving. You cannot pray away or fast away giving. Ask God to open your eyes to see these things, so you can become a cheerful, obedient giver. If you want Gods way then you must come to terms with giving. The secrete about it is that “giving is not as easy as it sounds “that’s why you are still having problems with it even though you’ve heard it said all your life in church. It is not a natural thing for the natural man. You have to train yourself in it. The act of giving does not come natural. That’s why husband and wife will hide money from each other. Even a farther may withhold money from his children. Your mind must become renewed towards giving.
Giving without complaining or unnecessary questions. For as long as you fight giving you are fighting your prosperity, God’s way of prospering financially. Giving not just in church but to your fellow brethren. When you fight Gods way of prospering you will unconsciously enter the world’s way of prospering. Settle it in your mind that the devil can’t ask you to give. Your mind has to be renewed to give.

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