THE BLESSED LIFE 2- Rev . Elekima Ekine

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It is going to take a revelation that you are a blessed man for you to live in these times when salaries have not been paid for months. Abraham was told by God that through him all the nations of the earth will be blessed because God had you on His mind. He looked into time and saw you as a blessed man. You need to see yourself like this for you to be able to walk in the blessing of God.


Ps 127:1-3 (amp.) What makes God bring blessings to you while you are asleep?

It is because you already KNOW that you are blessed whether you are awake or asleep, working or not working! God is able to make a man’s life produce even when on the outside he appears not to be working, or appears to be calm. It is the BLESSING OF GOD on the man!


Gen 39:1-2, 3. How can Joseph be described as successful or prosperous while being a slave in Portiphar’s house? It was because God was with him and the BLESSING OF GOD was on him.

The BLESSING OF THE LORD makes rich. It made everything he did to prosper. The force of the blessing cannot be hindered by the environment or the situation on the outside. Nothing can hinder you from showing forth the goodness of the Lord. It is what brings out or produces the physical and material possession.

The blessing of the Lord came into the house of a total stranger to the covenant -Portiphar because of Joseph! This is how potent or powerful the blessing is.


You must KNOW the stuff you are made up of. You need to have a REVELATION of the blessing for you to manifest it everywhere you are! Anywhere you are, the blessing of God should and must manifest. People should be glad that you are there. It is when you recognize who you are that you can make the impact necessary for a change or turn around. People will recognize that the hand of God is on you. This is the ultimate that will turn the face of the world to God when things are failing. We are supposed to be called the saviours of the earth. People will look on us who carry the power of the blessing on our lives!


We should not be afraid of what the world is afraid of and we should not speak like them. Instead declare that you are the blessed child of the blessed God! That is who you are in Christ Jesus!

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