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The Blessed life is hinged on three things:

– Seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness.

– The life of obedience.

– The life of giving.


Every child of God is already blessed. The blessed life does not consist in the blessings of life.


Gen 1:26-28. When God blessed Adam in the beginning, he was blessed! And he is still blessed today. God’s intention was for man to replicate the Garden of Eden all over the earth. After being blessed, they would then be fruitful, dominate, replenish the earth and have dominion.

If God has said it, you are it! If He has not said it, you cannot be it. Therefore you are as blessed as blessed can be.


The theme is speaking of your future. The thing in your life or anyone in your life that is telling you that you are not blessed is a lie/liar.


The first sound that God spoke into man’s ear was that he was blessed!

From Acts 3:26; God sent Jesus to first bless the recreated man by turning him away from his iniquities. The empowerment to be blessed is restored back to man. Without the man doing anything to satisfy this new life status he is already BLESSED!


Gal 3:7-9. The gospel that God preached to Abraham was the gospel of the blessed life (Gen 12: 1-3). God looked into the future and had you in mind. As many as are righteous by the same faith of Abraham have this blessed life. Because of you, God preached to Abraham, way before I came on the scene.

Gen 14:18,19. God had to send a physical representative of Christ to effect the blessing on Abraham. When Abraham was being blessed, you were being blessed too.

Refuse to look at things around or the economy or the nation to conclude that you are not blessed.

Heb 6:13-20. God willing more abundantly to show me the immutability of His counsel, confirmed it by an oath. By His promise and the oath, it is impossible for God to lie.

You have to be fully persuaded about this word personally for you to be excited and for the force of the blessing to work for you. It is the release of the force of blessing that produces all the stuff that you can see on the outside as the blessings.

The least in the kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist and he is blessed. God is no respecter of persons and the blessing is on you now! You have to see yourself so before you see it manifest.

Gideon recognized that miracles should characterize the presence of God in one’s life. If indeed you are blessed, stuff must of necessity come into your life. Therefore, do not pursue the stuff, the stuffs must pursue you!

Choose to give thanks to God sincerely for where you are now, the strength and potentials you have in God, what you have and who God has made you to be in Him and refuse to look down on yourself for anything.

“You have looked down on yourself too long that you are bowed down in your spirit and all you see is the floor. The sun is shining, the clouds are breaking, the glory is falling yet you cannot see. So change your orientation.

Begin by saying that you are blessed! It is not a function of any material possession or human connection that you have. You are blessed because God said so!”

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