HOUSE CLEANING, Part2 Rev. Elekima Ekine

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Then Jacob said unto his household and to all that were with him, Put away   the strange gods that are among you and be clean, and change your garments.” Gen 35: 2


Gen.17:1 “…God said to Abraham, walk before me, and be thou perfect…” Gen.17:1


Now the doing practices of the flesh are clear, obvious, they are immorality, impurity. Indecency, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, jealousy, strife, ill temper, anger , selfishness, divisions, party spirit, factions, sex with peculiar opinion, drunkenness, carousing and the like. I warn you beforehand just as I warn you previously that those who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God…” Gal.5:19 amp.


If you do the things mentioned in Galatians 5:19 (anger, jealousy etc.) you cannot have the fullness of God over your life because the kingdom of God is here on earth and it is about the ruler ship and reign of God over a person’s life and circumstances. When you come to God with your life clogged with them you come out of God’s presence unaffected.

A Christian should examine himself regularly to check if he is still in faith so that his relationship with God does not become a routine. Ask yourself am I growing? Am I having new experiences with His word?   Strip yourself and change your garments and then you can have a change of experience with God; an encounter that you know that “I have met with God”.

In the natural, when you do not do house cleaning you have reptiles coming in – You have reptiles you do not know have found a place to hide. “The devil hides in the junks of our lives” and house cleaning enables you to get rid of hiding place for reptiles; reptiles in the spiritual are the spirit of demons. It is not everything that you see out there that is being practiced in the name of Christianity that you do and the fact that somebody you respect is doing it does not mean it is okay. We all have to bring ourselves back to the word of God.


Let no man deceive you, they that do such things for this reason the wrath of God come upon the children of the disobedience …” Eph.5:6. Any church worth its salt will discipline sin when it happens among its members. Some members may go away because they are disciplined for sin, but the Bible recommends it so that others may hear and quake.

Unforgiveness will also take you out of heaven “He that will not forgive his brother or sister; your heavenly Father will not forgive…’ Matt. 6:16 and if God does not forgive you what will take you to heaven?


When your heart is cleansed of these things, you become open to the influence of God, to various things you do not think you can experience and; His blessings come into your life.

Let us become a people who fears God, who talks with Him as we ought to, who regularly examine ourselves so that there will be no junk in our lives. Remove the junks and you will find the sweet fragrance of the sweetness of God.

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