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Text: Gen 35: 2“Then Jacob said unto his household and to all that were with him, Put away the strange gods that are among you and be clean, and change your garments.”


Gen17:1 “…God said to Abraham, walk before me, and be thou perfect…”


Two things occurred that are similar to both Abraham and Isaac

  1. God appeared to them both and introduces Himself as the Almighty God which means El-Shaddai – God who is able to turn the natural course of events.
  2. There was a name change. God changed Jacob- a sup planter, a grabber to; Israel – someone that prevailed with God. Abram’s name was changed to Abraham.


But, for this to be real in Abram’s life the Lord says walk before me and be thou perfect’; we cannot put aside this important necessity with God if you are going to experience God in His fullness. Anything doesn’t go. Sin is not a mistake to the believer; sin is sin to the unbeliever as sin is sin to the believer. It is not that the devil tempted you.


Ephesians 5; 3, 4 “But fornication, and all uncleanliness or covetousness, let it not be once named among you as becometh saints; neither filthiness, nor foolish jesting, which are not convenient…”

That is the standard of God’s word. Let it not be once named among you. If you go to places where they say it doesn’t matter they are deceiving you, when they say all you need do is to confess, they are deceiving you from the fact that for these reasons the wrath of God comes upon the children of disobedience and the Bible says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

The only thing that would prevent all these is to do HOUSE CLEANING. People are becoming familiar with the house of God that they lost the God of the house. When they brought their strange gods out Jacob says “now you can meet the God of the house- let us go to Bethel” .

You may have been coming in to the house of God and taking things as ordinary as you want, but if you remove strange gods out of your lives, then the God of the house of God will appear to you.


When Jacob and his household were on their way, some people died, one- Rebecca‘s nurse, two- Rachel .Why? Because Rachel was the avenue of the strange gods; she refused to latch on to what God has said holding on to the past-an idol- an idol is something you hold on to, you don’t want to let go.

Reverence has to come back to the house of God, there is a proper way to live as a believer; anything does not go in the house of God; in God’s kingdom it is not okay.

Why must you wear clothes that expose your body? That reveals the things that are meant for secrecy and you say it is the fashion. It is not everything that is out there that you should be partakers of, the world out there does not know the way of God and they are waiting for you to show them.

Adultery and fornication bring damages to your body and it is not just AIDS. The normal course of nature that your body undergoes and is affected positively by sex within marriage is reversed when you engage in sex outside marriage. Covetousness – the grabbing mentality of this world should not be mentioned among us neither foolishness nor foolish jesting, I do not understand why a believer should be using the four letter word f—. If you do not have anything better to say, shut up! If it is not good in the sight of God; it is not good in the market place out there.


A lot of people are forgetting that this whole race is all about seeing the savior, meeting with Jesus face to face. It is time for you as a person to bring yourself to God.


Jacob’s call is to you now “Arise and let’s go to Bethel” Prepare to meet your God.

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