There was no room for Him

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“And she brought forth her first born son and wrapped him in a swaddling clothe, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn’. Luke 2: 7


Can you imagine that the Son of God was born and there was no room for Him? If there was no room then for Him to be born, there may be no room for Him now. There are different levels of not having room for Jesus.

There was no room for Him because He was not known. They did not make room for him simply because they did not know him. And there are a lot of people today who are not making room for Him because they do not know who He is. You may be celebrating Christmas but you don’t really have time for Jesus. He doesn’t have a room in your home , in your heart; you have no room for him because you do not know Him. When you open up your heart to Him, you will see Him like that, there is room for Him when you know that He is the Savior.

There may be no room for Him for fellowship. Rev. 3:20 –“Jesus said Behold I stand at the door ..” . If Jesus says He is standing at the door and knocking for people to hear and open means He is not in the room. And in this case why wasn’t He in the room? Are you making room for Jesus? Are you fellowshipping with him beyond having Him in your heart? Are you in fellowship with Christ? Do you fellowship with God? Do you spend time in His presence; do you create time for Him?


There is no room for Him in their land. Mark 5:17. After Jesus healed the demon possessed man the bible says the people of the city came to Jesus that He should leave their city. As an individual why do you think people said Jesus should leave their city? It is because of fear. Fear holds people back from giving Him room in their hearts and in their lives. You are afraid that it will cost you your friend, the practices you do, or whatever you are afraid of. Let me tell you there is more to gain in Jesus than what you loose. Give Him room and you will find out that there is a lot for you to gain than you will loose in Him.

People do not give room to Jesus because of unbelief. The bible says the Lord could not do any miracles with them because of their unbelief… He left that city. Jesus wants to provide for you, do supernatural work in your life, lift your life from a lower level to a higher level, but all these things cannot be done if you do not express faith in Him to do this. Whatever experiences in you that will create unbelief in you as far as Jesus is concerned, take it away.
God is real, His presence is real and you can enjoy that presence. Make room for that to happen. Take your walk with God to another level this Christmas and as you even come into the new year.

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