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Therefore I say stop being perpetually anxious and worried about your life, what you shall eat, shall drink……….” Matt 6:24 (amp)

“The foolishness of man subverts his way(ruins his affairs); then his heart is resentful and frets against the lord” Prov. 19;3 (amp)


Worry comes from the violation you have created in the realm of the spirit by your words. Worry is actually against God, your worry is against God, Why? you have gone contrary to the direction that God is going; which makes worry in essence –a SIN.
Understand that you started it , you created worry and you can stop it. You started it with the word of your mouth. If God were to show you your words in time past you will understand that you have been speaking some things about your life, so when you come face to face with those situations, already the machinery has been set aside to face those situation. You just fell head long into it.

This is not saying people should not plan; planning is to arrange things that you need tomorrow, a week’s time or whatever but when you go beyond that to say “this thing that I don’t have what will I do to make it happen?”- when you go beyond the aspect of man and you go into the aspect that the divine is supposed to take care of, then you are going beyond planning into worry and anxiety.

But the thought didn’t originate that time, it started way back. That is how some are settled for worry in their lives because when circumstances that you were not faced with where mentioned before you and the bad news of the TV or newspaper was spoken, your spirit did not reject it with the word of God- you settled for that worry; much more you spoke it out of your mouth so you created a pathway for worry to be constant companion on your way in life.
Every time you speak ahead whether you are faced with a situation or not, you have taken whatever you have spoken in the spiritual realm; if you have spoken things contrary to the evidence of the word of God, you have created a violation in the realm of the Spirit, you have already introduced worry into your life; when you are in worry you cannot have faith , that is where the problem starts when people are struggling to believe , they wonder what’s happening , its because worry has settled before the problem has started.

If you find it difficult to stop worrying , the root of it is your words; it is better you repent of all your words that you have spoken in time past; deal with the words of your mouth; so easily worry will flee out of your mouth. As you want to begin to worry counter it with the word of God and you will be amazed how fast the worry disappears. You did not inherit it, you started it, take responsibility for it and stop it.

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