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Praise Has Gone Ahead of You! In Judges 20, the tribe of Judah had been defeated. But God told them to go again and again. Judah represents Praise. You might have been doing some praise and might not have gotten your answer but you need to praise again!

You see, sometimes, you need to press on in the place of praise until you get your answer. Your praise today will bring you into a miracle tomorrow. This time around it is certain. What you have been believing God for is about to be delivered into your hands in Jesus name. God said ‘Let Judah go first…’ Since God says the battle is His, let us send praise ahead, let Judah go ahead of us.

I don’t know what is ahead of you, but because you are sending praise ahead, you will have the victory. God will make you to escape any danger or adversity that the enemy has planned for you in Jesus name. Your tomorrow is becoming your today! What has been pushed into the future has suddenly come into the Now for you. What has been prophesied into your tomorrow, is suddenly coming to fulfillment for you in your today in Jesus name. I see you entering into your tomorrow. Something good will happen to you. There is a miracle packaged for you.

There is a blessing packaged for you and it is getting to you Now in Jesus name. That project, that aspiration that ought to be in some five years or ten years from now will suddenly be made possible for you in the Now in Jesus name. Your tomorrow has comae to meet with you now; heaven is kissing the earth now on your behalf. What you put off as a long-term vision is coming into reality today. Let praise go ahead of you! Learn to praise, with or without music.

Don’t wait for anybody to lead you in a song. Don’t wait till somebody gives you music. That great thing which God did in your life, did you wait for any music before rejoicing? Go ahead and sing your own song, dance your own dance and shout your own shout!

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