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“And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him”. Gen 2:18

The highest form of relationship God set on earth is marriage, to show how He wants to relate with us. It is the greatest symbolization of love that God has for man and the relationship He wants to have with man. Three things that constitutes marriage stands on a triangle it must have legal sanction, social or traditional acceptance and religious support. Marriage is a relationship in which a man and woman pledge to be husband and wife having been sanctioned out socially, legally and religiously. Sometimes, some people think it is not necessary to have all in place but if one aspect of this is missing; that means the triangle is not closed, looses stability and opens you to anything and; through that doorway the enemy comes in and attack your marriage.

The Social Aspect :

In Gen. 24: 49-50 the servant that went to look for a wife for Isaac did not just grab, put her on the camel and ride away to Abraham. He knows she comes from a family, so he takes her to her house-to her parents, asked her of her parents, presented gifts to them and the parents gave their consent. You need your parents’ blessings, let them bless you and send you forth to your husband’s house, let them bless the wife you are bringing into your house.

The Legal Aspect:

If the land does not recognize that you are married then you are not married. Registering your marriage puts your marriage in the registry of the land and they recognize you as a married person. If you are not legally married according to the law of the land, you are in sin , when you are in sin you are open to the attacks of the enemy.. Boaz had to go through a legal process before he became the husband of Ruth . Ruth ;

The Religious Aspect:

As a believer this should be the most important thing to you , that your marriage is blessed in the church. As a matter of importance you really have to be careful; when you open your door for the enemy, when there is an in balance as far as marriage is concerned in the realm of the spirit you are exposed so you are creating problems for yourself and there are too many problems attached to marriage alone that you don’t need to create another one for yourself . So, fulfill all you need to and start up your marriage on a good footing.

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