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True marriage is a relationship in which a man and a woman have pledged themselves to each other to be husband and wife having been sanctioned socially, religiously and legally. So you just can’t start living together and say you are married.

Elements in a true marriage
• There must be a man and woman (not a man and women , not a man and a man, not a woman and a woman , not a woman and men
• It must conform to a norm, a type and pattern; it must conform to standard or structure of a particular group.
• It must reflect a genuine character of something . Marriage is a character of something.
• It must have legal sanction, social or traditional concept of acceptance and it must have religious support.

With the definition above, gay or same sex marriage should not be condoned not because of religious bias, or because you hate gay people but because

a. It does not conform to structure-Bible says male and female he created them…

b. It does not conform to pattern Gen 2: 18-22. Man didn’t start marriage God did; “Therefore shall a man leave… cleave unto his wife which shall be a woman and they shall be one flesh- that is the pattern.

c. It does not conform to type. Eph. 5:31-36 “…a man leave his father and mother…cleave unto his wife …a great misery …I speak concerning Christ and the church…”Marriage is a type of relationship between Christ and the church. Christ (man) is referred to as the bridegroom, the church (lady)-the bride.

d. It negates God’s command of fruitfulness. “And God said unto them be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth”. Can two men/two women be fruitful?

e. It is the devil’s strategy to corrupt the seed. Malachi 2:16”God…seek a godly seed”. In the western world now, they adopt children out of orphanages to raise them in an atmosphere of same sex family.

Does God make people gay?

No. Gen1: 26-31 “And God saw everything that he has made and behold it was very good” Same sex relationship comes from

1. The devil-Since sin came into this world the devil took over things and perversion of creation has set in, the devil has tampered with the seed.

2. Idolatry- Rm1:21-28(LB)”…they took wood and made idols for themselves they …vile and sinful things with each other‘s body.

3. The environment people grow up in. A child growing up under an abusive father, a son whose mother has a strangle hold on him.

4. Words of our mouth can create it. When people start saying to a boy you look more like your mother , you are a girl or call a girl a man just because she looks like her father you are forming him or her ! The devil can take our words and begin to get the harvest to come up in the lives of our children.

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