PRAYER AND GRACE – Rev. Elekima Ekine

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Text: Acts 4:23-33

There are various things that opens our lives to grace when we want it. The bible talks about humility before God and having the knowledge of God as opening our  lives up to God’s grace. The more you open your life, the more grace your life exhibits; the more grace is poured out into your life.

Grace has been defined in many ways as-God’s super upon man’s ordinariness; unmerited favour; as God’s riches at men’s expense. There is a root word for grace that brings something about the relationship between grace and prayer. The Greek word – charis- is interpreted as the divine influence upon a life  and the reflection(outward working) of that influence upon that life. That is what Grace means.

Putting it with the  aspect of prayer, Act4:31-33 “And when they had prayed………and great grace was upon them all”. The way to bring  divine influence upon a man is through an avenue of prayer. When we pray we call on the divine influence to work on a life and on the earth. The outward working of that influence if it is worked out towards you in kindness is FAVOUR and the outworking of that influence upon your life to do something  which means that ability is released to you is GRACE; which is still God’s super on your own ordinariness. So we need to understand that for grace to happen in your life and in my life one of the things you and I must give ourselves to is to pray.

Prayer is that which positions you to be able to access that divine influence to work in your life. The evidence of God’s grace upon your life is that you are able to do the things that you normally will not do and prayer enables that to happen, when you pray you access the grace to do the things that you ought to do.


Revival is to bring back from a comatose situation or to bring back to life – or to make something to have life continually. Prayer is a vital ingredient in revival It was part and parcel of the life of believers in the book of Acts. From chapter 1 through to 26. When we pray and God continues to work on something or situation that is comatose, it brings that thing, that situation or that person out of that comatose, because the divine influence has come upon it;  the outworking of that grace through prayer causes that situation to cease to remain in that comatose situation and begin to flourish and move out of the ordinary. So we can have that happen as we pray, not just once but as we make prayer a habit.

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