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 “ And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was David; and the virgin’s name was Mary” Luke 1: 26-27


We are in the sixth month, and the Lord’s visitation is on us. Visitation is at the impulse and discretion of the visitor. The Lord  does not tell you most times when He will visit,  if it is left you, you might not really call Him or you make Him the last point of call and  a times you might feel inadequate .


There are  things to know about the Lord’s visitation

  1. There is a specific time for the visitation of the Lord, it is on point and it  is to someone.
  2. It is at the instance of God. You don’t ask God to come and visit  you. In  few cases however,  in scripture you will see few  people ask for the visitation of the Lord and He saw the cry of their hearts and  did visit them (Jairus- Mark 5)  – You may be part of those people asking , thirsting for the visitation of the Lord,  you are not cut off.
  3. When God visits,  it is for the fulfillment of a prophesy or a promise. God’s desire when He visits you is to make good His words. Jer. 29:10
  4. God visits when you  are in disobedience Gen 3:8. God  visits the iniquities of man. It is an instruction that in this latter part of the year if your ways are not straight , He will  visit.


What should you do?

  • You  should  desire and expect His visitation. You should say daily “Lord I am open to your visitation”.
  • You  should pray for the visitation ,the revival of the Lord .Ps 106:4
  • You  should do things that will glorify God and glorify God in your hearts by agreeing with God ; saying “ God I thank you that your word is working for me”. 1Peter 2:12


Benefits of the Lord’s visitation

ü  When the Lord visits – anything  that you think you need- the mercy of God or deliverance from God, God  will do. God gives final settlement and deliverance as in Jacob’s case in  Gen 33.

ü  Anything they have been battling with comes to an end even if it has come to the point that it did not matter when the Lord visits it ends as in the case of Zachariah  & Elizabeth in Luke 1

ü  God gives preservation of life, favour and strengthening of spirit. If you are weary in your spirit and overwhelmed, He revives. Job 10:12

ü  The Lord will give you direction as he visits you. Acts 10:4-God gave specific instruction

We are in the season of overflow, God has decided this is the time He is  fulfilling His words, this month begins the  month of our visitation as a church.  Let us not be ignorant so that our ignorance do not lead to destruction(Luke 19:44).


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