Is Your Child Lost? – Rev. Elekima Ekine

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“ Now His parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover . And when he was twelve years old , they went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast… And when He was twelve years old , they went up to Jerusalem after  the custom of the feast…” Luke 2:41-42


The Bible in verse 41 did not mention that Jesus went  with His parents, Jesus was little and was going because His parents went. While our children are still little is the time to build up the custom of serving God, going to church, reading the Bible , etc. though it might look inconsequential , still do it(Deut 6:6-9)


“ they returned , the child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem; and they knew nothing of it .”vs.43.

Welcome to the world of world of teenagers parents, when your once obedient, gentle child begins to take decisions without consulting you . When they begin to act contrary to your instructions. When they begin to assert their “maturity” and become independent of you. What a rude awakening !


“But they assuming Him to have been in the company …” vs.44.

The greatest mistake we can make with our children, especially with our teenagers is ‘assuming’. Parents, don’t assume anything with your children. Check out things for real. Jesus’ parents’ assumption lengthened the “lost days’ of Jesus . Don’t make assumptions on their friends , get to know them, Don’t assume they go to church every time they say so , check it out! Don’t assume they are in the company , do tests to find out once in a while . Don’t assume you know what they are doing on the internet, or watching on television, put some control on it and check it out.


And when they found Him not they returned back again to Jerusalem seeking Him’ vs.45.  The bible said they sought Him among their acquaintances and their kinsfolk before returning to Jerusalem. Seeking among our acquaintances and kinfolks is like trying to put them in someone else’s mould. Seeking them  is like trying to know and understand them and the only place you can do that successfully is in Jerusalem- the place of peace.

Firstly , you will not know them by fighting them. You will not win either by fighting them. Secondly, the Bible said they found Him in the temple , they found Him where they have been taking him for the first twelve years of  His life. It does not matter for how long your child has been lost, you will find him/ her back and you will find him/her in God.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart from it.”


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