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Matt 28:6 “ He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come se the place where the Lord lay.”


When talking  about Jesus’ resurrection it is important to note that He is risen from the dead, he didn’t rise from  a coma;  he didn’t rise from sleep. There was a contention about this in his time and there is still contention about it right now that He rose from the dead.


And as if He knew that there will be contention, in  His earthly work, He tried to prepare the heart of the people that indeed there can be a resurrection from the dead on the three instance of the widow whose son died; Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus (John 11:39-43).


It can be argued that the first two went into a coma since their death state lasted only a few hours, but the bible says Lazarus body was already stinking- he had been  dead for 3days. Before he was risen from the dead. Jesus  did all that to prepare the world for His resurrection  to settle it that there is resurrection after death .


The resurrection is not a date, the resurrection is a person and that person is Jesus Christ.

“I am the resurrection and life ….John 11:25“ Every time Jesus spoke about His resurrection, He would always add from death. It is because he understood People would always contend whether he rose from the dead or not. Acts 3:15; Acts 4:2, 10


Those who killed Jesus at that time have come to admit it was an error of judgment to  kill him; what is the error they are referring to?: it is that if He ever rose from dead they are in trouble, that means all He has been saying was true and that is something they cannot live with. Until Jesus came the High priest was the most powerful person in Israel religiously speaking so they reasoned if now there is a son of God – the Messiah what would become of the high priests influence, power and position? So they connived to say His body was stolen.(Matthew 28:11-15)


Why are they going through all these to deny His resurrection?

  • By His resurrection, He was declared to be the Son of God . Romans 1:4  It was settled for eternity that  Jesus is God ‘s only son not a servant.
  • By His resurrection we have hope that wickedness will be judged Acts 17:31
  • By His resurrection, our hope extends beyond this life . 1Cor.15:18-19, Job 14:14(msg.). Before Jesus was risen from the dead; death was taken as final , but by His resurrection He is telling you there is still life after death.
  • The power of death was broken by His resurrection; Fear – the sting of death was swallowed up.
  • By His resurrection, our faith stands on solid ground . 1Cor 15:4. If Jesus did not rise up your faith is in vain.
  • By His resurrection, we become loose from the sin nature that brought spiritual death. When he died, he paid the wages for our sin but when He resurrected, He loose us from the nature of sin itself.



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