Your Mouth and your fruitfulness- Rev Elekima Ekine

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Mark 11: 12-14 “ ……he was hungry .And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves , he came if haply he might find anything  thereon: and when he came to it he found nothing but leaves ; for the time of the fig s was not yet. And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter forever. And the disciples heard it.”


No one should come to a place of promising fruitfulness and accept zero for it. Jesus seeing leaves on the tree automatically assumes there will be fruit on it. Don’t go by appearance, Jesus went by appearance and saw nothing. The Bible says ‘ …he came haply if he can find anything..’  Don’t go to anything this year with appearance else you will end up with nothing. Go based on the word you have received.


Declare the word of the Lord use your mouth to eat your fruit. In 1Sam16:1-13, the only reason Samuel couldn’t agree that Jesse has presented all His sons is because he heard from God that there is a king in that house Jesse; he knew God is not a liar.  You can stand and declare before circumstances that is trying to tell you that there is no fruitfulness that you have the word from the Lord and you are not going to accept No for an answer. God told me it is here


In 1Kings 17:8 Elijah must have seen from the widow’s appearance that she wasn’t rich but did he turn back No he said ‘…prepare me bread to eat..” because God had told him I have commanded a widow to sustain you.


Your mouth is your sickle (Prov.12:14) by which you take up the fruit that has come forth. Don’t just go by what somebody promised you; take what God promised and put it on your lips; say with your mouth what God has told you, tell the year what God has told you.


1Sam 17,David was speaking even as he approached Goliath; and what he spoke was what he met. Your mouth has a lot to do with your experiencing fruitfulness; you have prayed but take it beyond that and declare with your mouth , let your mouth define what the tree will bring forth for you not man

before you get to any place put your mouth to work and declare the promise God made to you.

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