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Eccl 10:10 “ If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge , then must he put to more strength : but wisdom is profitable to direct”


Eccl 10:15“Fools wear themselves out with hard work because they don’t even know the way to turn” Eccl 10:15 GWT


Wisdom will enable you to do what you are doing in a certain labour that will bring forth results. If you are going to be fruitful to the extent that God wants you to be then you will need to tap from the direction He wants you to go because the fruitfulness you are going to see is tied to where you are going; you see the profit of wisdom in the direction He takes you.


The hallmark of wisdom is timing; the Holy Spirit prevented Paul from going to a certain place. In the timing of the Lord, He knows the most profitable place that is why He led Paul to another place.


Matt 25:1-13. The story of the ten virgins tells of timing and season – five of the virgins went to buy oil at the wrong time that was what makes them foolish. Wisdom gives direction according to timing and season.


Jesus’ instruction in Luke 5 to Peter to  “…cast your net on the right side…” talks about the place aspect of wisdom, in order words there is where, that means if the Lord wants you to be at the right, you will not be fruitful at the left.  God has a place for people and in His wisdom you need to know where He is asking you to be- where He wants you planted. When we go to God seeking wisdom as to when and as to where that’s what enables success.


The wisdom of God reveals “the how”, we are in the time when we should not assume we know how to do things, we need to inquire of God. In 2 Sam 5: 17-25 David fought same enemy on two different occasions yet he inquired of the Lord and God gave him different instructions for him to have victory.

If you haven’t learnt being a child before God, come and learn now. Understand in these times the margin or error has become significantly reduced , what it will take for one to fall out ten years ago is different now that’s why you should go to God and say “I don’t know anything, teach me” . The need of these times is that we pay attention to God, listen to Him and let him lead us where we want to go, in what we want to do, when we want to go and how we are to go.


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