What is thanksgiving?-Rev. Elekima Ekine

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Psalm 78: 1-7’ “…what we have heard and known ………..telling to the generations to come the praises of the lord…….that they may set their hopes in God..”


Thanksgiving is an attitude of gratitude in recognition and appreciation of what God has done.

Dictionary defines it as a public acknowledgement or celebration of divine goodness; to perform publicly and with appropriate right; to hold or play up for public notice.


It is not something you do in hiding, in your closet. If you do you are rubbing God of the glory that is due unto Him. God actually wants you to make known what He has done for you so that others can know and glorify Him.


Thanksgiving is the gate of access that enables us to have more of God. Whatever you give thanks for, you can never fall below that level, anything you come to give thanks for, becomes the minimum level now. He gave thanks to God over five loaves of bread and two fish and the bible said they gathered twelve baskets full.  Anything you give to God becomes your minimum, because thanksgiving opens us up to more of God.


Thanksgiving is the confession of your faith in God. Heb 13:15. Thanksgiving may be over what you have not yet seen. It is the confession of your faith in God that what you are asking for; He will do. It is the highest level of faith that a man can express.


Thanksgiving is a door way to the miraculous.  John 11:41-44. There is nothing that sets a man up like thanksgiving; Jesus stood before Lazarus tomb; a dead situation and yet; life came because He thanked God. if you can shout more than anybody around you when you seem to have the least in your life to show the goodness of God, you won’t be at that position for ever, not for long.


What is the best time to thank God? – The time you don’t feel like it, the time when circumstances and situations tell you -Don’t.

Jer. 30:18-19. You can never give thanks and remain small when you give thanks to god, God will, add to you. God will multiply you, God will increase you.


One of the reasons God established David was because he was a man of thanksgiving. David was the first king to set up the Levites that will be giving thanks twenty four hours of the day.

If you want God to fight for you, learn to give thanks. When Judah lifted up their voices to sing praises, God sets ambushment against their enemy. If you want God to fight for you, thank Him.

Hezekiah told God, “if I go down to the grave, I can’t praise you anymore; it is when I am alive that you can get praise from me”. God quickly told Isaiah, “Go back to him; I will give him 15 more years, because I want 15 more years of praise”.


God is inviting you and I to thank Him continually. Make thanksgiving a part and parcel of your life. Some of us don’t thank God except, we want to use thanksgiving for something.

Change your attitude and learn to thank God over everything. Give thanks unto God and see Him move on your behalf.


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