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Eph. 5: 25 “….Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ, also loved the church, and gave himself for it

God is asking you – husband to love your wives. The love you are asked to love your wife consist of strong and cordial affection for her; real delight and treasure in her. It consists in showing respect and giving honour to her and seeking her contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, providing all things necessary for her in protecting her from all abuses and abusers. It consists in concealing her faults, covering her infirmities, entertaining the best opinion of her person and action, enduring to promote her spiritual good and welfare.

Thus, the love that you have for her must be from your heart and must be sincere and not selfish; it should be shown in private as well as in public.

What are the things to do – not to contend with  this love

  • Impatience – it means you will be patient with your wife. One of the things that are very evident in a home clearly is the husband are impatience with their wives. Be willing to be a servant, because the scriptures says that he will be the head must first be a servant.
  • Prefer her above yourself in all things
  • Invest time to nurture her that is; do things for the purpose of her growth and development.
  • Treasure her above all; deal with her according to knowledge as weaker vessels. Let her wellbeing be your utmost concern
  • Sacrifice for her sake.
  • Protect her at all times; let her feel secure in being your wife. Let her wellbeing be your utmost concern.
  • Take time to bless her regularly.


Seven reasons why you should love your wife

  1. She is given as your help.
  2. She is your companion.
  3. The bible calls her the wife of your covenant – if the person that you are in equal covenant with in your life is not happy; the covenant will not work fully. It is when a husband and a wife are together that they can speak to the enemy to take its hand off their things.
  4. She is your body; even your own flesh that means when you treat her roughly, your own body will not be well; your body will begin to be sick as well.
  5. She is your image and glory –make her look beautiful, make her presentable to the public; it is for your sake that she is looking good.
  6. Your prayers will be hindered if you don’t love her.
  7. Because God says so.


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