ROCKS ALIVE UNTO HIM!! – by Rev. E. Ekine

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“Come to Him (then to that) Living Stone which men tried and threw away, but which is chosen and precious in God’s sight . (Come) and, like living stones, be yourselves built (into) a spiritual house , for a holy (dedicated, consecrated ) priests hood , to offer up (those ) spiritual sacrifices ( that are ) acceptable and pleasing to God through Jesus Christ” 1 Pet. 2:4,5 amp.

Another time to celebrate our teenagers is here and we are glad .Teenage years are the wonderful stage many like David and Joseph were recorded in the bible to have been influential in  their generation.

The theme for the year from 1 Pet. 2:4, 5 above clearly describes every teenager that has given his/her  heart to Christ as “living stones” , chosen and precious in God’s sight. Yes, you are precious in God’s eyes- no matter how misunderstood you may have felt or be feeling; and He that has chosen you and has given you a call you need to bring yourself into remembrance about always – the call to offer your life, yourself, your bodies, your things as a spiritual house that does what is acceptable and pleasing to Him.

That is your call; and as a living stone in Him, Live up to His expectations. Be the rock that is alive unto Him “So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honour and glory of God.’ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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