Experience Overwhelming Victories by Overwhelming Love. by Rev Elekima Ekine


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Experience Overwhelming Victories by Overwhelming Love. Rev Elekima Ekine

Rom 12:21 “Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good’

The word overcome means ‘to get the better of’ it means to overwhelm, gain superiority or upper hand’

There is a way to overcome and overwhelm evil. God’s way is the way of love and it’s the winning way.

1Cor.13 tells us that “love can endure everything without weakening. Love never fails or fades out or comes to an end”.


How would you like to be on the side of something that never fails at all times? If you stay on the side of love you will always win, whether against the devil or human beings.

Natural human beings don’t have an answer to love. Please know that God is not punishing us by asking us to love our neighbours but rather He wants us to win all the time. You hurt no one but yourself for not loving and you also put yourself at a disadvantage. Instead of doing tit-for-tat with a person who’s done you evil, you sputter the person with good. When you do that you will always win, because love never fails, never fades or becomes obsolete. There’s no weight that can crush love.


What gets us defeated is that we want to show the person doing evil to us that two can play the game. It’s your own responsibility not to let evil conquer you but conquer evil by always doing well. So, when evil is being thrown at you, you do good, that’s practical love.

You have to decide if God’s way is worth it or not and then make a decision. The worse the days get, the higher the demand for the walk of love, it’s the only antidote to this world. The flood of adversity cannot quench the force of love. No matter how fierce the opposition is, love will bring it to its knees. You want to have overwhelming victories, walk in love like you have never done.


We Christians do not seem to have problems loving unbelievers but believers, why? We think he/she should know better. We begin to reason things out. But reasoning is never spiritual, they are fleshly and canal. Stop using your own maturity to judge others. We must let God’s love flow from us. I must not have offence over people or walk in bitterness towards them; but rather overcome evil with love. Jesus says “pray for your enemies that you may be children of your farther who is in heaven”

Eph5:1 says “Be ye imitators of God as dear children

There will always be opportunities for strife and contentions. It is not being weak to move away from situations that will cause strife and bitterness.  As you sense those things coming, you must choose the side of good rather than the side of strife.

1Peter 3:9 says “Never return evil for evil, insult for insult”.  It’s about time we start doing the word of God and stop allowing the flesh to get the better of us, as far as it depends on you live at peace with everyone, never avenge yourself but leave the place open for God. Be quiet says the Lord.

When I pay evil for evil, insult for insult, I have lost the right to take blessings from God. What will you rather lose? The blessing, happiness and protection of God or just that moment of showing flesh?

The way to overwhelming victory is the way of love. Choose to love. Apply yourself to love. Let love get the better of you.


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