About Us


Christ Chapel is an offshoot of the Voice of Faith Ministries, which started in 1983 with just a handful of believers in a small fellowship on Karimu Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. When the Nigerian Christian community was deeply entrenched in religion and not victorious Christian living. The Christianity scene was shrouded with a form of godliness but an absence of God’s power. The setting was enshrined with supposedly scripturally based beliefs, which were really socio-religious doctrines.

God by His Spirit stirred the heart of a young man named Chris Tunde Joda to bring into focus the truth of His Word on how “The just shall live by faith.” Consequently, the Voice of Faith Ministries was born with a mission from God to teach and preach the uncompromising Word of Faith in order to liberate the people from the bowels of religious tradition and bring them to the knowing of their God-given inheritance and victorious living by faith in God’s Word.

Pastor Tunde Joda introduced a revolutionary concept of praise and worship, which has gained momentum all across the Nigerian Pentecostal scene. At first it was seen as another momentary “youth” movement which would not last, BUT God has shown over the years that the beginning of Christ Chapel started a radical yet seasoned generations of Worshippers. This made allowance for spontaneous worship from the heart, not just from a mental stand point, that lacked power. Ever since, a great army has been raised in the land and NOW across the world. Including CCIC, London.